Remodeling January 12, 2022

Choosing the Right Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash is such an important piece for your kitchen because it can make or break the entire look and feel of the room. Making a terrible backsplash decision is not only expensive but also something that you have to live through every single day after remodeling.

Hence, it is very important to thoroughly consider all options available before making your biggest kitchen decision.

Read through this blog for all the things that you need to choose the perfect backsplash for you.

Choose the Right Colors and Materials

If a shop offers it, you can use tile samples and tape colors so you would see how they would look during the day and night, and in different lightings. Pick the main color for your motif and some accent colors for your kitchen and the backsplash

While white subway tiles are the most popular backsplash materials, several other options can help your backsplash to stand out.

Do you want a plain tile or a patterned one?

Do you even want a tile instead of a stone slab?

How big should your backsplash be?

You should choose the right colors and materials that best represent your unique personality and taste.

Know Your Budget

During kitchen remodeling, it’s not a rare sight to see costs to exceed expectations. This is the reason why you should be mindful of your backsplash expenses to minimize the cost incurred and keep your budget balanced.

Always explore great options for tiles that are available at affordable prices. This may take some time, but if you know where to look, then it will help keep your bank from breaking.

Keep Maintenance in Mind

Backsplashes should also be practical for your kitchen. You don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning your backsplash or sealing it. Always remember that when choosing a backsplash design, you should always try to balance your interests between ease of maintenance and style.

Layout and Grout

Choosing the material for your backsplash should not be the only thing to consider. After doing so, you should also think about the layout of your backsplash, and the grout’s joint size and color.

Exercise your creative freedom with the layout so you can make your backsplash as unique as possible. You can choose to add another color as your border and mix and match tile colors if you want.

For the grout, you can choose between blending the grout in or making a bold accent with a contrasting color of the grout.

Don’t Forget To Be Creative

Maybe you finished all the above steps and decided what backsplash to use for your kitchen. But you shouldn’t stop there.

The best way to use your backsplash’s personality is to complement it with a design that goes around it. This may look like selecting the right cabinet, the placements of plumbing, and the lighting fixtures.

Sure, the backsplash should be the star of the show but it wouldn’t help if there is no backup design that complements it.